The Nitty Gritty-  Diamond Carat signifies the weight of the diamond.  But contrary to popular believe, it doesn’t always mean it will impact the diamond in a larger size. You must evaluate carat weight with the cut quality and measurements.  If a diamond is too bottom heavy or too shallow, it will result in a poor cut.  This can mean the diamond will appear smaller from top view. For example Look at this 1 carat diamond from James Allen with a good cut  vs this .90 carat excellent cut stone. The .90 is the same measurement as the 1 carat and its $1,000 cheaper!!!     Buying an engagement ring online can be tricky because they all look the same, However use the Length to Width Ratio to see evidence of size.  Truth is, in person its hard to tell once its thrown on a ring and covered in bling.  Read below on how to purchase the best diamond carat that represents its proper size and proportions.

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Diamond Carat

Here are sample photos using James Allen’s 360 Technology.    A perfect example of  two 1.02 carat diamonds with different sizes.  Please notice the length to width ratio, cut, girdle and depth.

Diamond Carat

 Excellent cut has a L/W ratio of  6.42-6.44  versus 6.32-6.24

Please note measurements  L/W  to see evidence of size difference.

Length to width is the measurement of the diamond from side to side and top to bottom.  Girdle is the “waist of the diamond”.  Extra weight may be stored there.  The depth is how deep the diamond goes.  Each shape has an ideal depth percentage.  The cut is the grade given after all these factors play their role to determine the beauty of the stone.


Once again taken using sample photos using James Allen’s 360 Technology.  A fancy shape(diamond shape other than round) doesn’t come with an official cut grade.  You must rely on other variables. to determine but most important is the eye when it comes to fancy shapes.

Diamond Carat size

 Excellent cut has a L/W ratio of 5.63-5.62   versus  5.23-5.14

What diamond carat weight should you buy?

Diamond carat is the most important choice as it will affect the price the most. I hate to say that the safe approach is the bigger the better. Some girls love their rings small and dainty.  I call them unicorns :). But in all seriousness, some do prefer smaller diamond engagement rings.  Its important to gauge her expectations before hand.  You don’t want her to dislike her ring. There are several ways to enhance the size/look of a diamond.  Buying an engagement ring online that has a halo can add to the weight to give a nice large look.

If she hasn’t been vocal about what rings she likes, chat with her best friend or even mother. You can always take a peek of her pint rest if she has, you may just find some images there. Please find my Carat weight article for deeper understanding.