Diamond Prices

  The Nitty Gritty:  Diamond Prices are calculated on a number of variables.  From shape, clarity, color and so on.  Its a task finding out what you want from a diamond and even harder to find a deal without knowing what you are looking at.   Take a look at this 1 carat E color VVS1 clarity Diamond for $8,664 compared to this 1 carat  I color SI1 clarity diamond for $4,971.  Can you see any difference between the two.  This is a $3,500 difference yet the same carat weight.  This article is prevent you from over spending on attributes that wont be appreciated.

Diamond prices are calculated using the Rapaport Price List. diamond priices










calculate diamond prices








diamond prices examples above

Carat weight is on the top bar and color is on the side. As show above, to find say the value of a 1 carat range SI1 clarity H color you must run a line accross till there pathes meet.     To calculate these prices you must multiply the carat weight.  1 carat is the easiest of course because it literally equals what is listed.  a 1.35 carat is multiplied by the $6,500 rate + 8,775 vs the 1 carat $6,500.  This is how you calculate the prices.  This is the pricing  you typically see at retail stores.

Very Important! Please notice the lines separating certain blocks. For example colors D,E, and F are in one bracket   – G and H in another. VS1 and VS2 are in a separate bracket and so on.  Each of those brackets represent a price jump some more dramatic than others.

different shapes have Diamond Pricing

Above is a sample of round diamond pricing but that doesn’t carry over to princess cut diamond pricing.  Take a look at this 1 carat SI 1 clarity H color Princess cut diamond for $3,340 vs   this Round 1 carat SI1 clarity H color Diamond for $4,610. Many dont under stand why but the reason is simple.  I diamond un polished is called diamond rough.  It looks much like a rock.  To cut and polish a diamond, different shapes leave more unused diamond waste.


Visit this link  to see a great article from Blue Nile on how Diamond Prices and shapes differ.

Recommended Places To Buy

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