This is part of my personal diamond concierge service.  Trained by GIA New York as a Certified Diamond Expert, I will help you shift through all the diamonds to find you the best stone that fits your preferences and budget.  In order for me to help you best, I need as much information as possible. I will show you multiple options from different companies.  True unbiased advice.

Do you want me to recommend you a diamond?

Questions I have:

  1. Your Budget.
  2. Whats your carat goal.
  3. Do you have a shape picked out.
  4. Are you looking for Value- biggest bang for your buck. Or only the best.
  5. any preferences you have with cut, color, clarity.

Have you already found a diamond you love and want advice?

Send me a link to the diamond or the grading report.   I can evaluate the diamonds properties and let you know if its fairly priced.