DON’T BUY RETAIL! This Diamonds Buying Guide is to provide money saving tips for you. Learn industry secrets and win by saving money on a Diamond Engagement Ring. The following articles are here to guide so you can purchase with confidence.  Feel free to contact us for guidance.  I say this all the time, DON’T BUY RETAIL!  The power of the internet has opened crazy competition which is always great for you, the buyer.  With that said, the internet gives you more choices.  So many choices it can be overwhelming.  This articles are here to help narrow your search by choosing stones because of your new found knowledge. I think you would rather spend a few hours learning to having to work all those hours paying over an over priced stone.

I am a GIA Graduated Diamond Expert.  Feel free to email me and I can find a stone for you that fits your budget and criteria.  Feel free to take advantage of my articles, gain knowledge and find the perfect stone for yourself.

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