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How To Buy Diamonds | Diamond Buying Guide

How To Buy Diamonds |  A Diamond Buying Guide Buying a diamond can be tricky. And walking into a jewelry store with no education can be costly.  And there is the rub- no knowledge on How To Buy Diamonds= tricky situation.  The hard part was getting to this point.  The point of making and investment …

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Diamond Shapes


First task to complete in this journey is finding out what Diamond Shapes you are going to buy.  If your lucky enough to know; that is one less thing to be stressed about.  If you are unsure then hopefully this guide can shed some light on your concerns.  Read on to learn what attributes to …

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Diamond Fluorescence


What is Diamond Fluorescence? Diamond Fluorescence  is a great tool to lower your diamonds price.    The technical explanation is the effect that Ultraviolet rays(UV) have on the diamond. In a simple and fun explanation, your diamond can turn into a glow stick(kidding but not really). A Diamond with strong Fluorescence, under a UV light, …


Is an Engagement Ring over 1 Carat neccesary?

The right answer depends on you, the buyer, expectations and what your comfortable with.  Thank DeBeer’s and there marketing ploy in the 1930’s for the 1 carat diamond ring and beyond. Linking diamonds with emotion and here we are today in a world full of expectations.   Knowing your significant others expectations is a good start. …

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