5 Reasons Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

5 Reasons Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

5 Reasons Why Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better  + The Nitty-Gritty:  Walking into a jewelry store feels a little like walking into a car dealer.  A salesperson is there to upsell you and push you to a stone not because its the perfect match for your needs. But rather because it’s one of the few, they have that match your price point. Retail stores spend easily over 10k to 30,000 in special lighting to make a Diamond Engagement Ring dazzle.  You may be looking at a flawed diamond but the lighting enhances the sparkle masking imperfections.  The Bottom line- Yes you can find a beautiful diamond in a retail store BUT! It will be 20-45%  higher price point with a risk of buying a diamond improperly certified(paying more for an inferior diamond grade). Jared and many mall jewelry stores are notorious for this.  Read Below for the 5 Reasons Why Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better Than Retail.

1. Massive amounts of inventory

Imagine you walk into a store.  Say you want a princess shape and a budget of 5,000.   They may have 2-3 stones that match your price point.  Now you are forced to evaluate 2-3 stones that may not even have the right combination of attributes that you want.  Maybe if the two options they have, one stone is bottom heavy and the other has a long length to width ratio. The last stone is great but way over budget.  You are forced to choose between two undesirables and going above your means.  When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online, we can find hundreds.  We have the power to critically filter the most important attributes and get the best quality diamond at the best price.   Sites like James Allen & Blue Nile claim access to 150,000 diamonds.

2. Better Pricing

It makes sense that buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online is cheaper.  An Online Business has no expensive retail storefront needed.  No sales teams, commissions, security, or heavy insurance needed.  Those savings get passed on to you.  Online Vendors like James Allen & Blue Nile makes small percentages and rely on more transactions versus bigger profit margins to keep the retail doors open.  If you have an unlimited budget and it doesn’t bother you to pay more for the same product then retail stores are for you.  If you are more price conscious and prefer more budget to be spent on a better diamond then Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online is the best option.

3. You can’t TOUCH  –  BUT You Can SEE BETTER Online!

Let me explain. As stated in The Nitty Gritty, when you walk into a retail store, they will present a diamond under enhanced lighting.  They proceed by placing it on a table in front of you to evaluate.  As you try to see it with your naked eye, its so small its hard to evaluate. Especially when its sparkles under enhanced lighting.  There can be a big black spec in the middle but every time you turn the diamond light hits your eye and it’s not noticeable.

Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online

They then hand you a loupe.  A loupe is a small finger 10 times magnification tool. This is when you can get a better look if you are able to use the Loupe tool correctly.  Even worse if the store gives you a mounted diamond.   It’s Even harder to evaluate with the prongs hiding additional imperfections

You have to hold the diamond with tweezers in one hand and hold it up to your face with the loupe in the other hand. Sure it works, but it’s cumbersome.

HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE– Vendors like James Allen , Blue Nile and Brian Gavin  have 15x-20x zoomed images and video of the diamond. They light the diamond in standard lighting to grade it subjectively.  A huge advantage for buying your Diamond Engagement Ring Online.

Buying Diamond Engagement Ring Online

This is HUGE.  This is how you can search on James Allen.   This is what I consider a strong benefit of Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online. I may not be able to touch it, but I can purchase with more confidence because I can see clearly without pressure and choose what’s right for me.  Not based on enhanced lighting and a salesman pushing me. This leads me to 4.

4. No Pressure, Buy On Your Time At Your Pace

Search for diamonds on your lunch break, at home, or whenever convenient. Instead of driving to three stores which can take hours. Just visit another website and compare your findings with a clear mind. Nobody likes a salesman pushing you towards a certain purchase. People may not realize this but certain stones that have a better profit margin will be pushed to clients by sales reps.   The sales reps advice may sound sincere but clients don’t realize the hidden agenda.

5. Save On Sales Tax

To top it off you get to save an additional 7% off of tax. Online does not tax your sale. Big win for online.


Buying Diamond Engagement Ring Online For The Win!

Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Wins in my book.  If you are hesitant.  Feel free to go to a retail store to get pricing.  Write down the attributes of the diamond and compare.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the online savings.

Here is a video I made showing how to navigate online search bars and help you narrow down your search.