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Oval Diamond Buying Guide

Oval Diamond Buying Guide: Unlocking the Brilliance

Ah, oval diamonds. If you’re in the market for a show-stopping gem that exudes elegance and sophistication, then the oval diamond is a top contender. That’s where our comprehensive oval diamond buying guide comes in. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned diamond collector, this guide will help you unlock the brilliance of oval diamonds and make an informed purchase.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) to the importance of symmetry and proportion. We’ll also delve into the different settings that pair beautifully with oval diamonds, helping you create a truly customized piece that reflects your style and personality. So, get ready to embark on a sparkling journey and discover the secrets to selecting the perfect oval diamond. Let’s unlock the brilliance together!

With that in mind, here is a guide on how to buy an oval diamond correctly so it can be as beautiful as this ring!  Oval diamonds are beautiful, unique shapes that can provide excellent value for money – but only if you know how to buy them correctly. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of understanding oval diamonds, so that you can make a purchase with confidence. Let’s get started!

Oval-Cut Diamonds give a beautiful sparkle and style 

It’s recommended you choose an H color to be on the safe side and Si1 clarity.  Occasionally you can find an SI2 that looks great but it’s not too common.  The length-to-width ratio is equally important to ensure you have a classic oval shape.

One must evaluate an Oval diamond closely as it’s not as simple as a round.  GIA doesn’t classify cut grades for any shape other than round.  You will have to analyze the stone with other criteria.

Take a look and click on this link to view an oval diamond that has the same 4 C’s but has a drastic difference in cut and look.  Stone A vs  Stone B   You can see the shape and clarity affect this diamond’s brilliance.Oval Diamond Buying Guide  

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    The brilliance of oval diamonds and why are they so popular right now?

    Oval diamonds are a popular choice for those seeking a unique and eye-catching gem. Their elongated shape, combined with their brilliant faceting, creates a mesmerizing sparkle that is hard to resist. The oval cut is also known for its ability to create the illusion of longer and slimmer fingers when worn as a ring.

    Oval-shaped diamonds have the unique ability to elongate the size of the center stone because they possess 58 facets, at least 12 more than a traditional round diamond giving you maximum bling with minimum effort. The oval cut is actually considered quite a romantic choice too – its stunning edges can catch your eye from across the room, just like it caught your heart in the first place!  Celebrities such as 1 · Kourtney Kardashian ; 2 · Ariana Grande ; 3 · Blake Lively ; 4 · Hailey Bieber all are rocking the ovals! 

    Oval diamonds can range in length-to-width ratio, allowing you to choose a shape that best suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a more elongated oval or a slightly rounder shape, there is an oval diamond out there for everyone. In the cut selection below, you will learn the appropriate dimensions that give you the ideal light return. 

    Factors to consider when buying an oval diamond

    When purchasing an oval diamond, several critical factors should be carefully considered to ensure you make a well-informed decision. Firstly, the aspect ratio, which is the length-to-width ratio, plays a pivotal role in the diamond’s overall appearance. A classic oval shape typically has a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5. Click here to see an example of a beautiful Oval with an Ideal L/W ratio. The quality of the cut is crucial, as it affects the diamond’s brilliance and symmetry – a well-cut oval diamond should display even light distribution and minimal bow-tie effect. Which is a dark area resembling a bow tie that can appear in the center of some oval diamonds. Clarity and color are also important. I consider an SI1 grade ideal if you can find an eye-clean stone.  No need to pay extra for the quality a microscope can see. Here is an Ideal SI1 example. With a preference for a stone that balances these qualities with your budget, keeping in mind that certain inclusions can be more noticeable in an oval cut. Additionally, the setting should complement and protect the diamond, as oval stones can have more exposed edges compared to round cuts. Finally, it’s advisable to check the diamond’s certification from reputable labs like GIA or AGS to verify its quality and ensure a sound investment.

    Whats the best Length To Width Ratio in oval diamonds?

    Oval diamonds are considered ideal in the 1.35- 1.50 length-to-width ratio. Most sites do the calculation for you but it’s achieved by dividing the length of the diamond with the width. Click here to see an example of a beautiful Oval with an Ideal L/W ratio. Click here to see a short, not ideal Lenght to width ratio. View the photo sample below for a detailed breakdown of its l/w ratio.

    oval diamond buying guide

    As you can see, even though the carat weight is the same, you gain over 1 millimeter in size by having an ideal L/W ratio.  As an example, you would have to increase your carat size by over .60 to gain another 1 millimeter.  Don’t go to far above the 1.50 ratio or you will have a skinny-looking stone that will affect the brilliance.  Also, avoid stones under the 1.35 L/W ratio, it will look stubby. 

    This comes down to personal preference if one prefers a rounder or longer look.  Here is a link to show you examples of finished rings. Use this to compare what a rounder or longer Oval Diamond looks like mounted. 



    Oval Diamond engagement rings



    Understanding the 4Cs of oval diamonds

    When selecting an oval diamond, the shape and size are highly personal choices that should align with your preferences and style. Oval diamonds come in various length-to-width ratios, ranging from a more elongated shape to a rounder appearance.

    The length-to-width ratio determines the overall shape of the oval diamond. A ratio of 1.35-1.50 creates a more elongated oval, while a ratio closer to 1.00 will result in a rounder shape. 

    Shopping for an oval diamond can feel like deciphering a foreign language. But you don’t need to be a gemologist to get the best oval diamond for your buck – just understand the four C’s: color, clarity, carat weight and cut.  Color ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Clarity describes how clear the diamond is and is graded on a scale ranging from Flawless to Included. Carat weight is simply how big the oval diamond is – bigger is obviously better! Finally, cut refers to how well each facet of the oval diamond reflects light back out at you. Once you have mastered these basics, you’ll be able to find that perfect oval diamond every time!

    What is the Best Diamond Color For Oval diamonds?

    The color scale by GIA starts at the letter D to Z.  D represents colorless and Z means there is a very noticeable brown and yellow color.  Color originates from the bottom tip of the diamond typically making it harder from the top view to see color.  

    It’s very difficult to see the difference between 2 neighboring color grades and generally recommend to stick to H color or better for Oval Diamonds.   This is a perfect balance between quality and price and ensures that you have a diamond that radiates white.  If you set your diamond in yellow or rose gold feel free to lower your diamond color to a J or K color to save money or increase carat size.   

    As an example, look at this J color diamond on a yellow gold ring.  



    What is the best Oval Diamond Clarity Grade?

    There are many grades given to diamonds. Below is a chart outlines them

    Diamond Clarity

    Most diamonds sold fall under the I1 grade and vvs1.  I consider this the least important C.  A diamond that is flawless and a diamond that’s an eye clean SI1 is indistinguishable to the human eye. SO WHY pay such a high premium for a flawless. 

    Here is an example of an incredible SI1 that is almost perfectly clean magnified online and will be eye-clean to the human eye.  IS it easy for you to see a flaw?

    Is it worth spending an additional $2,500 by buying This VVS1 diamond?   I try my hardest to have my clients avoid overspending and using that money to upgrade carat size, color, or engagement ring.  That’s money better spent where your eye can actually see a difference. 

    What is the best cut grade for oval diamonds?

    As I have stated in previous articles, the “Cut” is king and there is no exception here. Oval diamond presents a problem because GIA does not give it a cut grade.   Due to the oval shape complicated structure, there is no ideal standard.  Too many variables are at play between various length, width and depth combinations, so getting an ideal table and crown angle is difficult. 

    With that said, there is no ideal combinations so you must take this advice as a general rule of thumb.  Below are guidelines to follow that lead you in the right direction. 

    Ideal Oval Cut Buying Guidlines

    I have created a prefiltered settings list of stones with ideal settings for you.  One click and you will see a list of top diamond cuts. CLICK BUTTON FOR PRE-SELECTED CRITERIA

    Table % 53-63 52 or 64-65 SAMPLE1
    Depth % 58-62 56-58 or 62-66 SAMPLE2
    Girdle Very Thin - Slightly Thick Very Thin - Slightly Thick SAMPLE3
    None Very Small Very Small SAMPLE4
    Lenght To Width Ratio 1.35-1.50 1.30-1.35 or 1.50-1.55 SAMPLE5


    A big tip in this Oval Diamond Buying Guide is understanding the bowtie effect.  All Ovals will have it with degrees of variance.  With a strong bowtie, You will see a dark effect sketching from the top to the bottom middle. It can be very visible or barely noticeable.  You want to avoid the strong effect as it will affect the brilliance of the diamond.   Feel free to reach out to me if you need any advice with a selection of yours.  

    Below you will see a photo example of a bad and great bowtie.  


    Click on the buttons to show diamond bowtie examples

    What are the best engagement rings for oval diamonds?






    1. Classic Solitaire: A classic solitaire setting is a timeless and simple setting that allows the oval diamond to take center stage. This setting typically features a single oval diamond in the center with a plain metal band. This setting is perfect for those who want a classic and elegant look.
    2. Halo Setting: A halo setting features small round diamonds surrounding the center oval diamond. This setting adds extra sparkle and can make the oval diamond appear larger. It’s a great option for those who want a bit more bling in their engagement ring.
    3. Three-stone Setting: A three-stone setting features three diamonds, usually with the center diamond being an oval diamond. This setting is perfect for those who want to symbolize the past, present, and future of their relationship. It’s also a great option for those who want a more unique and symbolic engagement ring.
    4. Vintage-inspired Setting: A vintage-inspired setting can add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to an oval diamond engagement ring. This setting can feature intricate details such as milgrain edging and filigree work, adding a unique and vintage touch to the ring.
    5. Split-shank Setting: A split-shank setting features a band that splits in two, with the center oval diamond sitting on top of the split. This setting is perfect for those who want a more contemporary and unique look. The split shank also helps to elongate the fingers and accentuates the oval shape of the diamond.



    Oval Diamond engagement rings

    It’s important to consider the style and design that you and your partner prefer and also the metal that the ring will be made of. A good idea is to have a look at the different settings with a loose diamond to see what looks best on your finger and what complements the diamond. Ultimately, the best engagement ring for an oval diamond is one that you and your partner love and will cherish for years to come.

    Oval Diamond Carat Sizes

    Here are varies of oval diamonds based on MM measurements. 

    Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
    3.6×2.7 mm.0.10 ct.
    4×3 mm.0.15 ct.
    4.5×3.5 mm.0.20 ct.
    5×3.5 mm.0.25 ct.
    5.5×3.5 mm.0.33 ct.
    5×4 mm.0.35 ct.
    6×4 mm.0.50 ct.
    6×5 mm.0.61 ct.
    6.5×4.5 mm.0.65 ct.
    7×5 mm.0.75 ct.
    7.7×5.7 mm.1.00 ct.
    8×6 mm.1.25 ct.
    9×6 mm.1.41 ct.
    8.5×6.5 mm.1.50 ct.
    Oval MM SizeOval Carat Weight
    9×7 mm.2.00 ct.
    10×8 mm.2.50 ct.
    10.5×8.5 mm.2.88 ct.
    12×8 mm.3.00 ct.
    11×9 mm.3.85 ct.
    12×10 mm.5.05 ct.
    14×10 mm.5.81 ct.
    13×11 mm.6.05 ct.
    14×12 mm.8.21 ct.
    15×12 mm.8.76 ct.
    16×12 mm.9.32 ct.
    16×14 mm.11.88 ct.
    18×13 mm.12.86 ct.
    20×15 mm.14.96 ct.

    Conclusion: Finding your perfect oval diamond

    In conclusion, both oval and round diamonds have their own unique characteristics that make them desirable. Oval diamonds are known for their unique and timeless look and can appear larger than round diamonds of the same weight. Round diamonds, on the other hand, are known for their classic and timeless look and are known for their sparkle and fire. Ultimately, the choice between an oval and a round diamond comes down to personal preference and what you feel looks the best.

    James Allen Review – Learn what to expect, how to navigate the site and save

    Bottom line recommendation:  James Allen often provides the most value and options for my clients and is my first option when shopping for my clients. 

    James Allen Review

    James Allen is one of the companies that revolutionized online diamond buying.  They set the standard for photography and video allowing the consumer to truly see a diamond before they purchase.  They have the largest conflict-free inventory available.  I believe over 300,000 diamonds which improve your chance of finding the best diamond available.  They have amazing ring designs, and money-back guarantees among many other factors below making them my favorite place to recommend to my clients. 

    When I worked in the diamond business after 2006, clients always came to me with options from James Allen, and honestly, I could not compete.  Recently I decided to do a secret shopper video and order to show my readers what the experience is like.  I was blown away by the packaging, details, and custumer service.  The return process was a no questions asked, easy as a push of a button breeze!  

    James Allen Revolutionized Diamond Viewing

    As noted, they were the first company to offer 360-degree high-definition photographs of every diamond they offer.  Uncertainty was the biggest issue in buying diamonds online in the past. 

    DIAMOND GRADING ONLINE NOT ANYMORE!  This gives the consumer the power to buy confidently. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck clarity grade, this is the ideal way to view and search. SI1\SI2 are the ideal value clarity grades.  Please note that these images are so crispy, they can intimidate you. As long as the inclusion isn’t massive in size and is directly on the center, they are relatively safe. 

    BlueNile and other competitors have tried to compete with the diamond viewing technology but have fallen short.  This viewing technology is imperative for clarity and needed for fancy shapes as well as they are more difficult to grade. Fancy shapes are any shape other than round. EX. Princess cut, Emerald Cut, Radiant cut, etc. 

    Diamond Inspiration Gallery

    james allen reviewI love this section on their site. It allows my clients to view recently purchased rings which give them the ability to view carat size, shape, color and ring combinations.  Once again giving you comfort in knowing what you are buying is incredible.  It’s helpful that you can filter the shape, style of ring, carat size, budget, and metal type to truly narrow down your search.

    Hearts & Arrows Collection

    James Allen ReviewFor any of my readers looking for the best cut possible, James Allen has their Hearts and Arrows True Hearts Collection.  Just visually stunning, at 20x magnified, the lines are sharp and show perfection when it comes to symmetry. 

    Seen from above, a Hearts and Arrows diamond shows an arrow pattern. When displayed on its pavilion side, the diamond presents the eye with 8 hearts with tiny ‘v’ shapes. Genuine Hearts and Arrows have these patterns visible at a single glance, indicating that the diamond has perfect optical symmetry.

    These diamonds have a small premium on them but ensure the best possible cut. 

    James Allen ReviewJames Allen true hearts Review



    I know that most of my clients see price as the main reason to buy.  But these factors below should also play a role when comparing stones from different vendors.  James Allen offers: 

    30 Day Hassle-Free Returns

    I tested this myself and it couldn’t be truer or easier.  With a simple click of a button, your return is processed!  They even paid for the return shipping(USA only).  How awesome that there is zero risk.  This is helpful when buying a lower clarity or high fluorescence stone.  Great to know you can always buy and if unsatisfied it’s an easy upgrade or return away. 

    24/7 Customer support 

    They are always there if you need a hand with product knowledge or technical issues. 

    Free Shipping

    You never have to worry as they offer shipping to the US and around the globe. Every shipment is insured giving the buyer peace of mind. 

    My Personal Secret Shopper Experience

    I created a video for my readers to see first hand the experience, hope you enjoy it.  


    I have shopped many years using James Allen’s website and can say with certainty that its the most well rounded, value and selection site for online diamond shopping today.  I know this site is written with so much healful information.  But please reach out to me and I will help you navigate the site and help you narrow down a selection. 

    How To Buy Diamonds | Diamond Buying Guide

    A Diamond Buying Guide | How To Buy Diamonds 

    This Diamond Buying Guide is made to help my readers gain clarity and confidence in their purchase. Whether it’s buying a loose diamond or a set engagement ring, you will learn how to choose with confidence.  Get ready to save money as well by avoiding unnecessary overspending. Buying a diamond can be tricky. And walking into a jewelry store with no education can be costly.  Follow along with my Diamond Buying Guide and learn How To Buy Diamonds with confidence.

    1. Set a budget:

    The first rule of this Diamond Buying Guide.  Let’s get rid of the old rule of 2 months of salary.  No rule applies to everyone and their situation.   This is a symbol of love and commitment not going above your means.  With that said, it’s important to know your significant other expectations. Do they prefer dainty like this classic .96 engagement ring solitaire ring?  Or do they like more flair and dazzle like this 1.54 carat on a stunning Cambridge Halo Platinum Ring?  But learning you can adjust your search with small changes.  As a start get a baseline.

    My advice, compare pricing using these two top vendors to see what diamonds they offer and compare.

    Click Here for the starting page for James Allen.

    Click Here for the starting page of Blue Nile.

    2. Pick a shape

    The beginning of your search must be the diamond shape.  Each diamond shape has different search criteria such as clarity, symmetry and color that works best.   Each shape has a different cost so searching multiple shapes at the same time will leave you frustrated.  For example, Take a look at this 1 carat SI 1 clarity H color Princess cut diamond for $3,340 vs   this Round 1 carat SI1 clarity H color Diamond for $4,610.  Each shape has there pros and cons.

    Round is the most popular and is labeled the Cut King.  If your significant other isn’t leaving hints of their favorite shape, take a look at their Pinterest or maybe ask a best friend to be sure you pick the diamond shape of their dreams.  Round is the most popular following Princess, Oval, and Emerald.

    3. Learn the 4 C’s and Narrow your search:

    Once you have chosen the shape, it’s time to understand how the 4 C’s  (Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut) interact with it.  The 4 C’s represent the most important definitive characteristics of a diamond.

    I always recommend starting with your goal in carat weight. So when you go to search a site like James Allen, you can specify only to choose to see 1-carat diamonds.   See below a sample of what the search sliders look like.

    How To Buy A Diamond | Diamond Buying Guide

    click on the image above to go the their search page

    Start at the goal carat weight.  You can then adjust the values to see where the prices is in conjunction with your budget. A quick tip.  Shopping for a .90 can yield a deep discount versus a 1 carat.  Typically, every .50 of a carat means a jump in price.  Sometimes you find a rare 1.85 at a great deal.

    Next is Cut Grade.  If you are searching for a round diamond, I suggest you search for an ideal cut.   A fancy shape(any other diamond other than round)  does not come with a cut grade from GIA.  Too many variables at play so the cut is left for the viewer to decide.   I have two articles that I will list showing how to find the right cut grade in both sites.  Follow those guide lines if you need a fancy cut.

    James Allen Cut Guide –  Bluenile Cut Guide.

    Color is the next choice to make.    You do not need to pick a D or E color.  The human eye can’t typically even see the difference between a D or an H-F color.  Depending on the shape of stone you choose, a G-I color is a perfect range to shop for.  Round diamonds hide color very well and a H-I color works perfectly.

    Clarity is your next option to choose.   The main criterion is to make sure the diamond is eye-clean.  If I show you a Flawless diamond next to an eye-clean SI1 Diamond, is there a benefit to the flawless other than bragging rights?  Save money and choose an eye-clean SI1 if possible.  Diamonds like emeralds typically require a vs1.

    If you are under budget, congrats! Feel free to go for a heavier carat weight.  If it’s over budget, keep adjusting the parameters of clarity and color to see how close your budget is reached. Hopefully, you have found this Diamond Buying Guide helpful thus far. Reach out and email me if you need help navigating these sites.   To go deeper in this How To Buy Diamonds Guide,  Click on this article to learn more about the 4 C’s.

    Once you have found some options, go even deeper and check their length-to-width ratios, fluorescence, table percentages, etc.   Feel free to reach out to me, A GIA trained Diamond Expert to help How To Buy Diamonds.

    4. Choosing your engagement ring:

    What I love about the different engagement ring options is they can help with the visual tremendously.  Let’s say you were shy about reaching a certain carat goal.  A ring choice like a Halo, Vintage style, or 3 Stone ring will give it the extra size to appear much larger. So a .80 carat diamond on a beautiful Halo diamond engagement ring setting can be a stunner.

    Again personal engagement ring preference of your significant other is important.  If you are unable to find any information, you can always go by what’s popular.  Click on this link or banner to see an article from Blue Nile on their Top 20 Engagement Ring Styles.  This will give you an understanding of what engagement rings are popular.   You can also go to recently purchased rings from clients, filter the shape, price, and style to see what others are doing and get inspired. 

    Is an Engagement Ring over 1 Carat necessary?

    Is a 1-carat engagement ring necessary?

    Is buying an engagement ring over one carat necessary? This is a question that I get asked a lot here and it’s a valid one. After all, spending upwards of $9,000 on a piece of jewelry is not something to take lightly. However, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. Here’s what you need to know about carat weight when shopping for an engagement ring.  The right answer depends on you, the buyer, your expectations, and what you are comfortable with.  Thank DeBeer’s and their marketing ploy in the 1930’s for the 1-carat engagement ring and beyond. Linking diamonds with emotion and here we are today in a world full of expectations.   Knowing the expectations of your significant other is a good start. Their personality can give you subtle clues.  Is your significant other a simple, free-spirited hippy who loves walks on the beach and staying in.  Or rather an ambitious globe trotter with a thirst for luxury items.   Know their expectations to avoid negative vibes.

    The average size hovers around a 1-carat engagement ring.  CreditDonkey conducted an independent survey across several major cities in the U.S.  The results we found were:

    • Los Angeles: 0.83 carat
    • New York City: 1.45 carat
    • Chicago: 1.29 carat
    • Dallas: 1.04 carat
    • Miami: 1.08 carat

    More important is getting something you can afford.  This is supposed to be a symbol of love so don’t go in over your head.  This leads me to the next topic.  How to buy smart and maximize your purchase.  Here are some great tips to get you to a 1 carat engagement ring and beyond.

    1. The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,000 – is it worth it to spend that much on a piece of jewelry?

    Engagement rings have always been seen as a symbol of commitment and love, but are diamond engagement rings worth the hefty $5,000 tag price? Some may consider it to be a questionable purchase, however, diamond engagement rings can remain beautiful for years to come if cared for properly and can truly ensure an everlasting bond between two people. Whether spending $5,000 or less on an engagement ring, the promise made through commitment is invaluable and will undoubtedly last much longer than the diamond itself

    Getting the best 1-carat engagement ring value

    The 4 C’s describe the buying criteria for buying Diamonds.  Cut is of the highest priority as it is the aspect that impacts the beauty of the diamond the strongest. A well-cut .90 carat will look like the same size as a decent-cut 1 carat.  See the sample image below. 1-carat engagement ring

    These two Princess cut Diamonds are the same carat weight. Can you see a visible difference in size? It’s clear the diamond on the left is bigger. Their measurements on left are 5.65 x 5.61  vs the right 5.32 x 5.14.

    2. How does the size of an engagement ring affect its value?

    Although 1 carat engagement rings are the traditional size of an engagement ring, it doesn’t mean that 1 carat is always best when it comes to value. The size and weight of an engagement ring does affect its value; a larger diamond will be more expensive due to its rarity and perception of grandeur. Going bigger might seem like the obvious choice, but it’s important to consider how large you want the ring – too big can create a lack of balance while too small could make it look insignificant! It all boils down to finding that sweet spot where size meets value. Ultimately, it’s not about how big your ring is – they say diamonds are forever, and you can guarantee that 1 carat rocks just as much as any other stone!


    3. Are there any economical ways to get an engagement ring that still looks expensive and luxurious without spending as much money?

    Certainly, there are ways to play with variables to get the best priced value stone.  Popular music video talk about t VVS1 diamonds but that type of quality is not necessary. Diamond quality is increased in small nominal levels. Ofetn, clarity grades like si1 and I or H color are the sweet spot.  If a human eye cant perceive the difference between an SI1 clarity and vvs1, then why pay more?  See more examples on this below.


    Choose A Lower Clarity!  Si1 is the perfect grade to choose from.  You can occasionally find a great choice in SI2.  Below is an example of how you can filter different attributes like clarity and color.

    buying 1 carat engagement ring

    click on image to view James Allen Search Methods

    buying a 1 carat engagement ring

    I suggest you leave in the slider SI2-SI1 and VS2.  The reason for leaving VS2 is there are sometimes deals happening and you may find a great find with higher clarity.  For a more expensive debate on Clarity Click Here on My Diamond Clarity Article. 

    Sites like James Allen has HD 360 viewing of every diamond on their site.   You can see diamonds zoomed in by 20x-40x.  This will give you confidence in your purchase.


    As you can see some Inclusions(diamond flaws) are white and are deeper or off-centered causing them to not be as noticeable.  Further proving the point that not all SI1 Diamond grades are the same.  This is again why I only recommend vendors such as James Allen, Blue Nile & Brian Gavin that have proven track records of thousands of happy clients and real images and video of their diamonds in regular lighting magnified so you can judge and evaluate more accurately.

    Save Money Buying Your Engagement Ring

    Click on the image above to visit James Allen and learn more.

    The reason why it’s so important is to be able to clearly see a diamond.



    The more closely a diamond approaches colorless, the more they are valued.  As a tip found in my diamond color guide,  you will see the sweet spot for value is in between H-J color.  In terms of hierarchy in the 4 C’s of Diamonds, I consider it 3rd in importance. See below for a sample chart.

    Diamond Color Chart

    A Diamond color under M is not recommended for a 1-carat engagement ring.    In the illustration below you will see samples of color. However, when the diamond is facing up that color is harder to see.  Consequently, this is why I love that H-J color.  Again see my Color guide for tips best colors depending on what diamond shape you are buying.   See this example of a J Color Diamond mounted below.  Learn how Diamond Florescence can improve your J-color diamond.

    DO YOU SEE A LOT OF COLOR? 4 C's of Diamonds

    example of a J Color Diamond mounted

    4 C's of Diamonds

    color chart showing color illustrations

    Most noteworthy, remember Color starts from the tip of the stone towards the face.  Different shapes can affect the diamond color.  A round diamond hides color very well. In contrast, when buying a Pear shape or Emerald, you must choose a higher color. See images below for an example. For recommendations per shape regarding color, visit my Color page for deeper info.

    4 C's of Diamonds


    4 C's of Diamonds

    Diamond Carat is considered 4th in importance in the 4 C’s of Diamonds.  Customers usually default to this because size is easily visible to the human eye.  While color and clarity are hard to see. It’s the obvious aspect that adds expense as there really isn’t a way around it.  Size costs money. A 0.95 carat vs a 1-carat engagement ring has a large price jump. Each fraction can make a large difference in cost.  There is no shame if your budget doesn’t allow for a good quality 1-carat diamond ring.  A beautifully cut .90 or .74 can look beautiful and almost the same size as a 1-carat engagement ring.  Not to mention you have options in engagement rings like halo and double halos that add to the presence of the ring.

    Click on the image below to view samples of created rings purchased by real people to get an idea of what they can look like.

    Below are pages from James Allen & Blue Nile that shows you real rings created by recent customers.  This can help you get an idea of what your ring can look like.






    1-carat engagement ring

    you can filter 1 carat diamond ring and different shapes and sizes

    “A 1 carat diamond ring may be the average, but it’s not the rule”

    Lab diamonds

    For those of us who are budget conscious but don’t want to skimp on a statement-worthy engagement ring, lab diamonds might just be the trick. Lab diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds, offer the same visual appeal and quality craftsmanship as a traditionally mined diamond without the hefty price tag.  They test positive for diamonds and they are optically and chemically the same.  It’s a great way to save money while still having a luxurious-looking accessory – it may be your bank account and soon-to-be fiancé that actually sparkles!



    4. Why do people spend so much money on engagement rings when they could buy a car or put the money towards a down payment on a house instead?

    It’s an age-old question – Why do people typically spend so much money on engagement rings when it could be used for a down payment on a house or even a car? If you were to trace the roots of this phenomenon, you’d likely come across DeBeers. The diamond giant has popularized the notion that two months’ worth of salary should be spent on an engagement ring since the late 1930s. While DeBeers has stirred up controversy around their campaigns, they have succeeded in making diamond rings one of the most popular gifts for newly engaged couples which perpetuates the cycle. Whether it’s due to deBeers’ marketing campaigns or something else, diamonds remain embedded in our culture as signifiers of love and commitment.


    All in all, buying an engagement ring is a very personal decision. There are many factors to consider besides just the cost of the ring. Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you think the ring is worth the price tag. Just remember, a bigger diamond does not necessarily mean a better diamond. And if you are looking for ways to save money on an engagement ring without skimping on quality or style, there are definitely options out there for you – so don’t be afraid to ask around or do some research before making your final purchase. So tell us, what size carat are you going to buy?




    5 Reasons Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

    5 Reasons Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

    5 Reasons Why Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better  + The Nitty-Gritty:  Walking into a jewelry store feels a little like walking into a car dealer.  A salesperson is there to upsell you and push you to a stone not because its the perfect match for your needs. But rather because it’s one of the few, they have that match your price point. Retail stores spend easily over 10k to 30,000 in special lighting to make a Diamond Engagement Ring dazzle.  You may be looking at a flawed diamond but the lighting enhances the sparkle masking imperfections.  The Bottom line- Yes you can find a beautiful diamond in a retail store BUT! It will be 20-45%  higher price point with a risk of buying a diamond improperly certified(paying more for an inferior diamond grade). Jared and many mall jewelry stores are notorious for this.  Read Below for the 5 Reasons Why Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better Than Retail.

    1. Massive amounts of inventory

    Imagine you walk into a store.  Say you want a princess shape and a budget of 5,000.   They may have 2-3 stones that match your price point.  Now you are forced to evaluate 2-3 stones that may not even have the right combination of attributes that you want.  Maybe if the two options they have, one stone is bottom heavy and the other has a long length to width ratio. The last stone is great but way over budget.  You are forced to choose between two undesirables and going above your means.  When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online, we can find hundreds.  We have the power to critically filter the most important attributes and get the best quality diamond at the best price.   Sites like James Allen & Blue Nile claim access to 150,000 diamonds.

    2. Better Pricing

    It makes sense that buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online is cheaper.  An Online Business has no expensive retail storefront needed.  No sales teams, commissions, security, or heavy insurance needed.  Those savings get passed on to you.  Online Vendors like James Allen & Blue Nile makes small percentages and rely on more transactions versus bigger profit margins to keep the retail doors open.  If you have an unlimited budget and it doesn’t bother you to pay more for the same product then retail stores are for you.  If you are more price conscious and prefer more budget to be spent on a better diamond then Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online is the best option.

    3. You can’t TOUCH  –  BUT You Can SEE BETTER Online!

    Let me explain. As stated in The Nitty Gritty, when you walk into a retail store, they will present a diamond under enhanced lighting.  They proceed by placing it on a table in front of you to evaluate.  As you try to see it with your naked eye, its so small its hard to evaluate. Especially when its sparkles under enhanced lighting.  There can be a big black spec in the middle but every time you turn the diamond light hits your eye and it’s not noticeable.

    Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online

    They then hand you a loupe.  A loupe is a small finger 10 times magnification tool. This is when you can get a better look if you are able to use the Loupe tool correctly.  Even worse if the store gives you a mounted diamond.   It’s Even harder to evaluate with the prongs hiding additional imperfections

    You have to hold the diamond with tweezers in one hand and hold it up to your face with the loupe in the other hand. Sure it works, but it’s cumbersome.

    HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE– Vendors like James Allen , Blue Nile and Brian Gavin  have 15x-20x zoomed images and video of the diamond. They light the diamond in standard lighting to grade it subjectively.  A huge advantage for buying your Diamond Engagement Ring Online.

    Buying Diamond Engagement Ring Online

    This is HUGE.  This is how you can search on James Allen.   This is what I consider a strong benefit of Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online. I may not be able to touch it, but I can purchase with more confidence because I can see clearly without pressure and choose what’s right for me.  Not based on enhanced lighting and a salesman pushing me. This leads me to 4.

    4. No Pressure, Buy On Your Time At Your Pace

    Search for diamonds on your lunch break, at home, or whenever convenient. Instead of driving to three stores which can take hours. Just visit another website and compare your findings with a clear mind. Nobody likes a salesman pushing you towards a certain purchase. People may not realize this but certain stones that have a better profit margin will be pushed to clients by sales reps.   The sales reps advice may sound sincere but clients don’t realize the hidden agenda.

    5. Save On Sales Tax

    To top it off you get to save an additional 7% off of tax. Online does not tax your sale. Big win for online.


    Buying Diamond Engagement Ring Online For The Win!

    Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online Wins in my book.  If you are hesitant.  Feel free to go to a retail store to get pricing.  Write down the attributes of the diamond and compare.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the online savings.

    Here is a video I made showing how to navigate online search bars and help you narrow down your search.

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